Interactive Virtual Tours

IVT, Interactive Virtual Tours, was the name of a company founded in 2013 by myself and a business partner.

The goal was to provide 3D Virtual Tours for new Condominium Developments. It served as a springboard to bigger and better things, and is no longer in operation, but did allow us to develop new skills and explore a variety technologies.

Utilizing 3D Modelling software I was responsible for constructing the production assets. Including Furniture, Appliances, Walls, and other assorted 3D assets. The process demanded both HP and LP modelling for Normal maps, diffuse, and specular textures. And involved an array of software, from Photoshop and Blender, to Unity 3D and Autodesk Maya.

The user experience was the greatest challenge. We had to find an easy to use interface for a broad range of users, and design an intuitive User interface that wouldn’t interfere with the visuals.

While this was our fist project, it showcases the concept.   Later projects improved on the user interface, visual sharpness, and overall material quality.  Unfortunately later projects are currently covered under NDA.

Below are a few screenshots taken from within Unity3D.


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