ITQFE – Hirari Fast Attack Bomber

This model was produced for “Infinity: The Quest for Earth.”  The original concept for the ship was produced by Jaen-Ni-Rin of the Infinity forums, and further concept collaboration was provided by Kristian Agren.

Both the Low Polygon and High polygon models were created by myself, utilizing hard surface Subdivision modelling techniques.   The textures for the low poly model, seen in the ASEtoBin Infinity ModelViewer, were created by AltFuture of the Infinity forums, and provided the conceptual design and layout for the High Poly model details.  Interior designs are conceptual at this point, the gunner / pilot positions are not final, and displays are only to establish FOV / player experience testing.

You can learn more about the project here,
Hirari Iconic Centauran Design



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