Dragon Brooch

The original model and design for this 3DPrint project was created by Scarlat Catalin, through the CadCrowd community.   While the original model works well in the digital world, there were problems with the mesh that prevented Shapeways from printing the design.   Thin objects, small details, and large pieces with thin or flimsy connections that would surely break during printing, or print with visual errors.     My task was to take this file and redesign the layout, modify the details, and create a printable file for the client.

Before starting a project like this I analyse the existing model(s).  Taking into consideration the scale limitations, 3D Print material the client wants to use, final application (in this case a pin or brooch), and finally mesh printability constraints (thin objects, flimsy connection points etc).    The notes get passed onto the client for final approval, and I begin making the changes.


After 4 hours of work the model has had all changes applied, details modified to meet the 3D Printing constraints, and all checks performed on the mesh to ensure the file will print error free.

Dragon_Ortho_001             Dragon_Persp_001

The final Prints!  Both the client and myself are happy with how the models turned out.  The materials retained the details nicely, and the surface finish looks great.


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