I:B HD Starships

Known as the “SFC Bomber,” the yet un named heavy fighter was created by a fellow I-Novae developer Jan van der weg , he worked on the main concept artwork and received feedback from the team as it took shape.

Once the concept got to this point the ship got passed over to me.   I first block out the main shapes, then cut in more and more details, eventually working my way to a finished high resolution mesh for Normal and AO map baking (seen in the last two images). I received feedback from the team along the way, in the form of paintover suggestions, change requests, and major design / function changes.

Some more shots of the finished Model.   The engine pipe details caused the Game Mesh to go over the polygon budget, however a recent engine assesment means that they’ll probably get put back in 😉  Some “Final Model” clay renders seen below.

Finally, the model was brought into the I-Novae Editor, for viewing in the I-Novae Engine lighting and PBR materials environment.   The materials seen here are not final, but do show off the Normal and AO maps in the Editor.

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