Creature Bust – Concept

The majority of my concepts are drawn from the side profile, or silhouette.   The full 3D shape is prominent in my mind while working on the concept, and the single orthographic concept is usually enough to work from when fleshing out the full 3D shape.  I wanted to create something that could evoke both power and fear, strength and curiosity…  How does the animal move within its environment, does it have eyes, a nose? How does it use the teeth, etc…  these thoughts and more went through my head while developing the concept.

Once the concept is established, I wire model a base mesh.  The Base mesh is then uses as a starting point for the adaptive sculpting tool in Blender3D, where the shape is further defined and proportions are established (sculpt Proportions image).   In the Sculpt image, you can see that I took the detail from the rough model and emphasized it, smoothing out the geometry and increasing the triangle count.    The Teeth, and inside of the mouth, were both detailed during this phase.

The now high resolution sculpt (~1.5million polygons), was used as a frame to build the LP model on, (~6300 polygons)  I created UVW maps for the LP model, and baked both the Normal and AO maps.   The Normal and AO maps were then applied to the LP mesh, and the results can be seen in the screenshots below.

The model was created with 3D printing in mind.  I can either have the HP Sculpt mesh printed directly, or print the LP model in full Colour as I’ve done with previous projects.
When the budget allows perhaps 🙂



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