Coralis Novae

ITQFE_CoralisNovae_001 02_CoralisNovae_Mesh_001 02_CoralisNovae_Mesh_003 CoralisNovae_Screenshot_001 Hutchings_CoralisNovae_Ren_0019 Hutchings_CoralisNovae_Ren_0020 Hutchings_CoralisNovae_Ren_0021

The Coralis Novae is a 42m long ship, designed for Infinity The Quest for Earth, original concept by Chee Ming Wong (Koshime) seen below. 
The concept was originally intended to be modular, and the variations in modules can be seen in the images above.   With variation in styling between military and civilian applications. 

Below are three pieces of concept artwork that the design was inspired by, and originally based on.   The original concepts were produced by Chee Ming Wong, and the third image is a paintover which provided further concept direction by Kristian Agren (spAce).

coralisn novae2 coralis_novae_spAce_01

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