Coralis Severus

ITQFE_CoralisSeverus_001 02_CoralisSeverus_Mesh_001 03_CoralisSeverus_002 02_CoralisSeverus_Mesh_002 02_CoralisSeverus_Mesh_003

The Coralis Severus is an 85m long corvette style ship, designed for Infinity The Quest for Earth, original concept by Chee Ming Wong (Koshime) seen below.   The model progressed and changed over time as my modelling techniques improved, the ship was revisited over the course of 3-4 years, until the model received a final re-modelling, the result is seen here.  Changes to the concept were directed by the concept artist, and by some members of the Infinity community.

Below are two pieces of concept artwork that the design was inspired by, and originally based on.   Both concepts were produced by Chee Ming Wong.
700x500-coralis-severusMKVII TunnelRace2-3

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