My Robot Nation, is a project I helped develop while at Offload Studios.  We worked in collaboration with Kodama Studios now owned by 3D Systems.

The project involved Concepting, Modelling, and UV Mapping a unique set of robot parts. I was also involved in the pipeline development for the seamless UV mapping technology, and other features included in the final product.

The Robots are printed in full colour on ZCorp 3D Printers, and shipped right to your door! Choose Parts, colour your robot, decal it, modify it with 3D decals, and then pose for an awesome 3D Printing experience.

I was also responsible for developing the Robot Kits you can currently purchase on the Cubify 3D Printing webStore. I had to modify the MyRobotNation models so they could be printed and then assembled. This meant R+D work, rigorous print testing, and designing viable solution for the robot’s joints.

The models are currently available for purchase on the Cubify webStore.


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